Three words describe our Religious School program.  Each word is packed with meaning.

Jewish – How does one define being Jewish? Is it the family and communal holiday celebrations that anchor your Jewish identity? Is your sense of wonder and purpose awakened through Torah study?  Are you energized by engaging in mitzvot (good deeds) and acts of tikun olam (repairing the world)?  Do you perk up when you hear Hebrew or Israeli music?  One of the JLC’s goals is to open the many doors to Jewish expression.  We want our students to fall in love with and enjoy being Jewish, to feel that Judaism enhances their self-identities, that Judaism is a unique and precious gift.

Learning– By exploring, discovering and feeling that “aha” moment.  Learning in the JLC encompasses all the senses and modalities. We learn with our eyes, ears, taste buds, athleticism, storytelling, drawing and everything that is hands-on.  We focus on the learners as individuals by nurturing their social interactions with one another and engaging them in purposeful learning experiences.

Center – We are the hub from which great things emanate.  Jewish learning and living starts in the JLC but it does not end here.  We encourage students to take their learning home and for parents to turn lessons into life.  Children’s participation in BET Youth, our youth group program, is a phenomenal opportunity to express and celebrate Judaism with their peers.  Synagogue participation for Shabbat, holidays and special programming enriches the experience and helps makes Temple Beth El our children’s second home.  And of course, the JLC experience is best complemented with Jewish summer camp and Israel experiences.

But best of all, maximizing your investment in your children’s Jewish education comes when you put yourself in the Center.

Come meet us at the JLC and we will do great things together.


SUNDAYS, 9:30AM – 12:30PM

Our primary grade students become familiar with symbols and rituals of the Jewish holidays through hands-on experiences. Children are introduced to Torah stories, Jewish values and mitzvot. They also learn basic blessings, the names and sounds of Hebrew letters and joyful Jewish songs.

GRADES 3 – 6

SUNDAYS, 9:30AM – 12:30PM

Through project based learning, students explore Jewish holidays, values, Israel and life cycle. Decoding Hebrew leads to prayer practice and an exposure to modern Hebrew.

GRADES 7 – 12

TUESDAYS, 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Our upper school program features a combination of youth group and learning, social time and more focused time for exploration of Judaism on a personal level. Teens have the opportunity to learn with Rabbi Tuffs and Cantor Manny. Our goal is for our teens to have their own connections to their Jewish heritage and to gain spiritual sustenance that will help guide them through their lives.

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